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Earrings ~ ॐ

Wearing earrings by women is an ancient practice still prevalent around the globe though its contribution to a woman's health is a gray zone. For now, we do not have a scientific correlation on earrings and health. In India and China, we had/have systems of varmam and acu-pressure. Under the acu-pressure and varmam belief system, the left side of a human body is supposed to signify the gynic principle - femininity. Piercing the left-ear and wearing gold earrings is believed to boost energy when a woman is suffering from a deficit of energy in the body while wearing silver rings/studs is supposed to cut down the excess energy in the body. The acu-point (or the varma pulli) on the left earlobe of a woman is believed to be related to a woman's reproductive system in general and regulation of menstruation in particular. A earring is supposed to regulate and remedy menstrual problems through stimulating the acu-point. It was also believed traditionally that a gemstone embedded on a earring had therapy effects too. If one wears ruby stone, it is supposed to regulate the ovulation-menstruation cycle and increase the probability of fertility