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Esoteric Buddhism 3 Pieces/lot Small Hand-cranking Prayer Wheel ~Exquisite Pearl Prayer Wheel with Pendant as picture-Sunetra

3 Pieces/lot Small Hand-cranking Prayer Wheel ~


The primary goal of the traditional Tibetan prayer wheel practice is to relieve the miseries of all beings. Merit, peace, and kindness are radiated through the blessings of the mantras inside the prayer wheel and by the intention and concentration of the spiritual practitioner. Many Buddhists recite Om Mani Padme Hum, the six-syllable mantra of loving kindness and compassion for Chenrezi, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Although difficult to accomplish, some very diligent people have been able to recite 100,000,000 Om Mani Padme Hum’s in one lifetime. If we assume that one recited 100,000,000 mantras in each 80-year lifetime, it would take 406 aeons (i.e., a span of one billion years) to recite as many mantras released from these three prayer wheels in these nine months. This has incalculable merit and benefit for all beings.

Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ is the six-syllabled sanskrit mantra particularly associated with the four-armed Shadakshari form of Avalokiteshvara . It is commonly carved onto rocks or written on paper which is inserted into prayer wheels . When an individual spins the wheel, it is said that the effect is the same as reciting the mantra as many times as it is duplicated within the wheel.

"OM " is a sacred syllable found in Indian religions .

" Mani " means "jewel" or "bead"

" Padme " meaning the "Lotus flower", the Buddhist sacred flower

" Hum "  represents the spirit of enlightment .

When one chant the mantra ~ meditates on certain Qualities 

Om to meditate on the practice of generosity
Ma to meditate on the practice of purity in ethics
Ni to meditate on the practice of patience
Pad to meditate on the practice of perseverance
Me to meditate on the practice of concentration
Hum to meditate on the practice of wisdom.


Style: Religious
Material: Plastic
Theme: Buddhism
size: 11.5cm long,3.8cm in diameter

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