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Longquan Celadon Buddha Incense Burner ~


Incense sticks:

Incense sticks are fragranced sticks also know as agarbattis in India used from ancient period by people all over the world. The evolution of incense stick could be from the burning of aromatic woods in the primitive period. As mankind gained civilization and became more religious, these fragranced agarbattis played important role in daily rituals.

Cultural Beliefs:

The purpose of burning agarbatti is to purify the bad air. The holy smoke prevents unwanted bad energy and bad spirit from entering home. This is used for fragrance which symbolically suggests the presence of the deity and the love of deity. 

The refreshing fragrance of the incense stick spreads into the air to make a serene  atmosphere helping the devotees to have calm frame of mind. The soothing and purified atmosphere helps in meditation

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