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"YOGA" Wall Stickers Mural-Sunetra

"YOGA" Wall Stickers Mural


Yoga lovers will love to have this wall mural right in their Yoga room . Perfect for Yoga Studios or personal Yoga practice room .

A picture is worth a thousand words. Personally I love Wall Mural and I have them all over my house ..I am a Big believer of " Law of Attraction " and Mural alway reminds me of my Faith and Believe ! 

Even according to Feng Shui ~ Chinese system for creating a balance of energies – called Qi – between humans and their surroundings. Good feng shui produces positive energy, which translates into good health and fortune.The concept is built upon introducing certain natural elements into the home to correspond with particular aspects of your life. These elements include fire, earth, metal, water, wood and wind. 

Feng shui can be applied to any number of areas, from your home’s architecture and location to its interior design style. It can even be applied to wall art, from what you should display, to where and how.Having empty walls doesn’t do your house any decorative favours, and it is also bad for your Qi. The more art on yours walls doesn’t necessarily mean better Qi, though. In fact, it can be counterproductive. It can restrict your energy flow, which makes you feel tired faster.

Specification: 2pcs
Pattern: Plane Wall Sticker
Scenarios: Wall
Theme: Pattern
The Default Color: Black
Size: 56x89cm

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